Hey there, I'm Shulien Vlijt, a full-time cook trying to make music production my full-time career. I go by the producer name ChaseBeatz. I'm thrilled to share my passion for music production and the art of crafting unforgettable beats with you. With over 3 years of experience making music, I feel ready to work with diverse artists from around the world, bringing their musical visions to life.

At Chase Beatz, I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional music production services that resonate with both artists and listeners. My focus is on creating captivating beats that inspire and ignite the imagination. Through my expertise in composition, arrangement, mixing, and mastering, I strive to create a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Why am I willing to help others build their musical success? that is because music is Life, Music is love and I love to help others achieve their goals as well as my own dreams. from working in the kitchen to full-time music producer and providing a better life for my family, that is a man's true goal in life.

Collaboration is at the heart of what I do. I work closely with artists, understanding their individual needs and preferences, to create a personalized musical journey. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an established musician looking to elevate your sound, I'm here to bring your musical ideas to life.

Experience the magic of Chase Beatz and let's embark on a musical adventure together. Contact me today to discuss your music production needs, and let's create something extraordinary that resonates with your unique style and artistic expression.

Furthermore, I will post 1 blog article per week with a critical and informative guide about music production Ableton Live 11 DAW and Home studio equipment, and we will get more in-depth with different kinds of topics in the near future.

Meet The Owner


We are more than proud to present to you our team. Young and charismatic, but professionals in all matters. They have a wealth of experience in the field of Music production and product design.

Claire Mend

” My name is Claire and I'm a graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, with over 13 years experience working on various projects such as 3D modelling, 3d modeling, architectural engineering. Previously I worked for MMG Architects. ”

Andrew Bowers

” I'm Andrew, nice to meet you. I have a Masters degree in Architecture and Interior Design and have completed numerous design projects. My design work focuses on large-scale residential and commercial projects. "

Mandy wolf

” My name is Mandy and I'm a professional architectural designer with more than 8 years of experience. I love working with organic materials and forms. I'm very skilled at working in 3D visualization, product design, and 3D modeling.”